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Kelly McDonald: Links

Godin Guitars
I endorse this company. They make great guitars and the people who work there are wonderful. Robert Godin has picked a wonderful staff. I play an A6 and a XTSA in Light Burst. LOVE 'EM.
Panhandle Slim Western Wear
This company is another one that I proudly endorse. I have been wearing PSlim shirts since I was a baby and they still make the best shirts in the world. You can get their products at almost any western store in the world.
Madison Amps
Another great company that I endorse. What a great group of people manufacturing great gear. I play the divinity 2 head and the 212 cab. What a wonderful combination. Everything from Country to Jazz to all out Death Metal these amps do it all!!!
Traditional Medicinals Teas
Another GREAT company I endorse whole-heartedly. I drink their "Throat Coat" tea when I start getting hoarse and it gets me through every time. It supports your immune system so it's good to drink anytime. Plus, it's all natural as are all of their products. Give 'em a try, you'll see.
Wolverine Boot Company
I have been wearing Wolverine Boots for a million years..... I have owned 6 pair of them.... that is alot of years and not too many boots. If you want boots that last, and are comfortable and good to your back I recommend the 8" Kiltie Lacer. I only wear the best and Wolverine is as good as it gets. Not to mention, they carry a full line of gear and apparel too. Stop by and tell them Kelly sent you.
Sweet Water Musical Instruments and Pro Audio
This is the place where I get 99% of my gear. The folks there are FAST at getting my gear to me and Forrest will personally call and make sure you're happy. I only buy from the best and folks, these guys are the best there is. Best prices, best service and best gear!!! I strongly advise you to go with for your gear.
Official Myspace Site
Yeah I got one of them. Doesn't everyone? Come on by and drop me a line. I will be glad to email you back as I personally run my myspace.
I Tunes
You can download my music there and you know it's high quality downloads from a legit company. Simply type Kelly McDonald in the search bar.
Heil Sound
Just signed a two year deal with them. They are the manufactures of the best mics in the world. See your local dealer and tell them you want Heil Sound Mics. Tell them you only want the best.