Better Half Of Me CD

This is my 2006 release full length cd. You can get your copy from or download it from I Tunes..... I sure hope you like it. buy this cd at cdbaby

The Night CD

Our Latest CD. We're extremely proud of it and we hope you get a chance to pick one up. There's 11 tracks covering everything from Rodeo, Love, Sadness, Life As A Touring Musician to a Fallen Cowboy Friend. It's sure to please and it makes a great stocking stuffer. So, get yourself a copy or look for us on Itunes, CDBABY or Amazon. Buy This CD at CD Baby CD baby is a great place to get independent music. We appreciate all of the help they have given to us and we love them. You always get quality at a good price with them.
You can now get our music on Spotify